Title I School - Parent - Student Compact

Ottawa- Glandorf Local Schools 

Ottawa -Glandorf Local Schools, and the parents of the students participating in activities, services, and programs funded by Title 1, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and reauthorized under Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), agree that this compact outlines how the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will share in the responsibility for improved student academic achievement and the means by which the school and the parents will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve high standards as defined by the state of Ohio.

School Responsibilities

  1. Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables the participating children to meet the State’s student academic achievement standards by doing the following:

    1. Facilitate setting annual academic goals with students and parents.

    2. Provide reading and writing instruction that supports classroom instruction.

    3. Make efficient use of learning time.

    4. Provide a safe and pleasant atmosphere for learning which may include the implementation of evidence based engagement strategies to enhance the learning environment to meet the needs of all learning styles.  For example - strategic movement, variety seating, and the use of sensory tools

    5. Demonstrate care and concern for all students.

  2. Provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to communicate on an ongoing basis by doing the following:

    1. Hold parent-teacher conferences at least annually during which this compact will be discussed as it relates to the individual child’s achievement.

    2. Provide parents with frequent reports on their children’s progress by supplying students and parents with clear evaluations of progress and achievement at least once a quarter.

    3. Provide parents with reasonable access to staff.  Specifically, staff will respond quickly to parents’ requests for information about their child’s progress or behavior.  Consultations can be made by appointment.

  3. Provide parents opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s classes, and to observe classroom activities, while first making prior arrangements with the school office and/or administrator.


Parent Responsibilities

  • Monitoring my child’s attendance.

  • Sending my child to school well rested.

  • Encouraging positive attitudes about school.

  • Reading assigned books daily with my child.

  • Helping my child with assigned homework.

  • Volunteering in my child’s classroom when possible.

  • Participating in decisions relating to my child’s education.

  • Attending parent -teacher conferences.

  • Promoting positive use of my child’s time outside of school.

  • Supporting the school by reading and responding to newsletters and notes.


Student Responsibilities 

  • Do their best work at all times.

  • Complete any assigned homework and return it on time.

  • Come to school ready to learn.

  • Come to class with necessary materials.

  • Follow school and classroom rules. 

  • Show respect for staff, students, and property.

  • Believe that they can learn and will learn.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Title I services, please contact Jen Croy, Director of Special Services, or Audrey Beining, principal of Ottawa Elementary at 419.523.4290.