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Negotiations Press Release


The Ottawa-Glandorf Board of Education (“Board”) met on October 2, 2018 for their regular monthly meeting.  At that meeting, the Board adopted and approved the most recent Five-Year Forecast, which outlines the revenue and expense trends for the district over the next five years.  The Board would like to thank the voters of the district for their support of the income tax levy in May, and while this levy allowed the Board to avoid massive cuts in staff and programs, the district will not collect any of the money from the new levy until April of 2019.  In addition, the district will not see a full collection until 18 months after the levy takes effect on January 1, 2019.  These two things, in conjunction with deficit spending project to be approximately $1.5 million continues to negatively impact the district financially. At our community levy meetings last spring the Board and Administration promised the taxpayers the district would live within its means if the district residents supported the new income tax. The Board and Administration fully plan to keep that promise.  

The Board will be posting the Five Year Forecast on the district website to allow the public to carefully review the financial status of the district.  

The Board’s goal for collective bargaining negotiations has always been to reach an agreement that helps to attract high quality teaching candidates, protects the fiscal health of the District by negotiating an agreement that is revenue neutral for the district, ensures that our teachers maintain high standards of professional conduct, and, most importantly, that takes the needs of our students into account. The Board is hopeful that the parties’ interests are aligned in this regard. Since we have received questions regarding the negotiations proposals, the Board will be publishing on the District’s website the Board’s last three (3) contract proposals, and the OGCTA’s response to the Board proposals from September 12, 2018.

OGCTA Neg - Bd Counter 7-18-18

OGCTA Neg - Bd Counter 8-21-18

OGCTA Neg - Bd Counter 9-19-18

OGCTA Ancillary Counter 9-12-18

OGCTA Counter proposal 9-12-18

Senior Photos

Attention all OGHS Seniors and Parents: Your senior photos that were taken by Michael Osborne are ready to be viewed and purchased. Please go to and enter your personal ID. (Your personal ID was given to you the day the photos were taken.) Select OG Seniors Fall 2018 in the gallery and enter your ID to view/order your photo. If you have misplaced the ID that was given to you, please contact Mrs. Von Sossan at or call Michael Osborne at 419-348-2022.



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